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A non issue worth consideration

July 21, 2012

A current research held by our social experts shows that more than 15 % of the people prefer not to cast their vote in favour of any of the political parties for their representation. To a layman with no patriotic feelings, this is just merely another research.

But to all the true faithful nation lovers, like myself, this is a matter of serious consideration.

Let us look at this fact in a deeper prespective. About 2.5 crore people of our  beloved country choose not to be represented at all !

They are compromising the fact that there will be no one to argue by their side and no one to fight for their rights just due to the mis management of the government ?

I seriously doubt that !

It is due to the experience they have had, due to the cruelty they have faced, due to the unjust acquisition of their houses and lands…

The list of causes is humongous…

So the question now arises, what should we do about it ?

One option is to let the things go on as they are and keep on struggling for our materialistic needs. If it is 15% now then it may be 25% after 2 years but why do we care as long as we are sitting comfortably in our own cars and eating exclusive victuals on the expensive dining tables of our posh residences.

But according to me this is an option, which only timid people will even think of adapting.

The other option which all the patriotic and literate population willl approve is that we use our force of voting. The power of a single vote is enormous. This is the reason we need to change our thinking, we need to establish a mind set amongst these 15% and most importantly amongst our selves that we matter.
Every single entity in this world matters !

But who to vote ? This is the ultimate question !

To achieve answer to this question one needs to think deeply and consider the fact that sitting at one’s home, and let every thing being as its going on is not going to make any thing better, it can surely make things worse but not better !


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  1. saaym permalink

    very nice

  2. taimoor permalink

    reference for the research?

      The percentage was actually more than 20% but due to the recent gain of interest in politics by the population, it went down a bit…
      Sorry, should have mentioned the source before,
      Thanks anyhow 🙂

  3. Quhafa permalink

    bohat alaa!!!

  4. Myra permalink

    thought provoking. Very well written!

  5. southerndreamer permalink

    I’ve voted in every major election since I was 18. Granted, I cringe now at how I selected some of those votes. I attempt to educate myself on the local candidates as well, but I admit to missing a few elections and/or totally forgetting the name of the candidate that sounded the least likely to be corrupt. I’m facing a situation now where neither candidate shares my views. I don’t trust either one to not screw over the country further. It becomes an issue of which set of issues do I feel least passionate about. I can, for the first time, understand why some people do not vote. It is a case of “why bother”. They are all effing up the country.

    Honestly, if we totally nixed the two-party system and overhauled the method of running for offices I think we’d see more people interested in the process. It feels rigged right now. You HAVE to pick from team A or team B. Sure you can attempt to pick from the independent pool, but it won’t do any good.

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