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What if it were all ‘A Big Conspiracy’ ?

September 18, 2012



They say on the news that the crime rate in Pakistan is increasing day by day. The moment you turn the television on, you see news regarding some crime. If not the crime, then there is the news regarding the corrupt leadership and high officials of ours. And if some corrupt official gets caught on record, each and every person celebrates as if we have been triumphed with some sort of enormous victory, and unknowingly, we deliberately, instead of dignifying, disrespect our country. The red slide of BREAKING NEWS is always blinking on at least one news channel, and the news network that has the most amount of blinking slide time, becomes the most popular in time. Is this because that the particular news network has the most authentic information? Or is it merely due to the entertainment we get when we see some interesting breaking news where someone has been mysteriously murdered or there has been an accident of some high official’s relative or the sort?

The true fact is that when we turn the television on, we are surfing channels for something interesting and what more interesting do we find than the misfortunes of others? In fact we want to see that blinking slide of breaking news on the television; we want to see the others fall, especially the ones more powerful and richer than ourselves. This is called Schadenfreude, it is a German concept meaning the delights or pleasure one gains when he sees someone’s misfortunes. This is not a habit that we have developed or some sort of curse that we have attained; this is the instinct of every being. And the rapidity of our so called schadenfreude is increased significantly with the media’s dazzling array of ways of telling the miserable news in a very desirable manner.

If we are in luck, we will be shown the most absurd and unbeneficial news which will be given the title of ‘The good news’. And usually it will be relating to some actor’s or actress’s personal or professional life or it will be regarding a very irrelevant matter e.g the hiring of a new official at the city zoo, or some speed racing car owned by a local etc.

Following is some of the research along with the source, and it may be surprising for most people:

  • The top 5 most dangerous countries on the planet, referring to the violence like drugs, homicides, human trafficking etc are these in order:

Columbia, South Africa, Jamaica, Venezuela, and Russia                (source: yahoo)

  • Four of the Presidents, the most important and the most secure persons of a country, of America were assassinated including Lincoln and Kennedy and two were injured in the 20 attempts.
  • Innumerable famous personalities like actors, politicians, sportsmen etc. have died due to the drug abuse and most of them belong to the most developed countries.
  • North Korea is considered to be the most corrupt country in the world along with Somalia.


Most of us didn’t know these facts. And this is because the media of the referred countries does not take any sort of interest in the contempt of their own countries, even if the news is good for publicity of their channel or newspaper.

The true logic behind all the corruption, the drug abuse, other crimes is terrorism. Terrorism means to disperse fear amongst the general public via one’s actions, in short, to spread terror. And to be absolutely true, the terrorism is being very much helped by the electronic media.

For example, a person gets unfortunately killed in a terrorist attack. Within five minutes, even before the arrival of an ambulance, news vans and journalists belonging to several pathetic news networks arrive and start live broadcasting. And to add to the misery of the shocked family members of the victim, they start enquiring about the life of the victim from them and how the accident happened.

A person who has a lot of troubles and tensions of his own, when switches on the television for relaxation and leisure, sees this, and his brain does the rest to make the rest of his day completely miserable.

The terrorist achieved his goal quite successfully as there is terror amongst someone he doesn’t even know !

Is this due to the negligence of the higher authorities, or is this deliberate ? Is this a business, if it is then is this humane ? Is the independence of media a true blessing ? Is this their patriotism ? because this is seen all around the world! Is this their dedication towards journalism ?

Most of the people, including me, in the back of their heads realize, even if we don’t want to, that all this setup has all the aspects and features of being a big conspiracy…

Who is behind all this? Who is the true victim? The country, the people or the media itself?

That is the big question…

  1. Sheharyar Raashid permalink

    A country gets the media it deserves. Sensationalism sells like hotcakes and is an integral part of Pakistani life!!! A paradigm shift is a necessity, but it won’t come until we erase the subconscious conviction of self righteousness in an ignorant society!!!!

  2. Yes! Boy! This was some piece!
    Schadenfreude! Yessss!!! That’s what makes many of us happy -whether it’s seeing some new middle-eastern disaster or someone we don’t like very much failing. Wow! Usman!

    • Thanks a lot !
      Schadenfreude, this is something natural, something we should avoid, but we actually cant as it soothes us…

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