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All it takes is an instant !

December 12, 2012



She was sitting comfortably in the big rocking chair with earphones plugged to the cd player at the stereo end and listening to the music carelessly, with a big mug of coffee in her hands, thinking about how perfect her life was, and how she had everything. Her parents were also sitting in the living room, her dad reading a book and her mother watching the television. The scene was perfect and was so cozy that a poet appreciating beauty and comfort could write books on the scene. The gloomy dim light of the room added to its beauty, a very pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. The wooden walls of the living room were adorned with the extravagant paintings, which gave them an extremely classy look. She began to get ill at ease. The world in her eyes was awfully slow, as if she was sedated or drugged. Her mother was saying something to her, but she was too lazy and spoiled to pull out the plugs of her earphones to listen to what she had to say, she kept nodding as if she was getting everything her mother was saying. The beautiful slow music, the caffeine in the coffee, the cozy environment and the gloomy lights made her a bit woozy. She almost fell asleep when she was aroused by an awful stench, she opened her eyes to see what it was, her mom was not there, she tried to get up, and turned towards her father, he was also not present. She got on her feet and went towards the door, it was shut. As she opened it, a flame burst to her face and that was the last sensation she remembered she had before she was unconscious due to the carbon monoxide.

There had been a terrible fire, which burnt the house down to ashes. The reason was never discovered. Some policemen and detectives deduced that the fire was caused due to a short circuit in the main wiring of the house. Actually her mom was asking her to fetch the servants as no one was answering, she fell asleep and her mother went to look for the servants, when she didn’t come back, her father went looking for her. She was the only person who survived the fire. But the worst was yet to come, when she woke up, actually she didn’t completely wake up. It was somehow ironic, and as an optimist will say, she would not have to see the world without her parents as she could not see the world at all, the fire caused burned walls, which caused the ceiling to fall and which caused a severe blow to her head and this caused the loss of her sight.

  1. Sheharyar Raashid permalink

    Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

    (W.B Yeats)

  2. Is this a real story?
    Sad. The story of how she will never use an ear-piece again!

    • Actually, this was just a piece of imagination 🙂

      • phew. it happens to people around the world. but still helps to hear it was not real. it was so sad. losing everything in, as u said, an instant

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