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What is Faith ?

June 6, 2013



When the persons who mean the world to me, begin to distrust me,

When the persons I care about the most, begin to show apathy towards my important affairs, and worst of all, deliberately,

When the persons I idealize in the world, begin to mock me in my presence,

When the persons closest to me, begin to seem distant,

When the persons dearest to me, begin to establish barriers between us,

When the persons I am the most frank to, begin to pretend that there are reservations and years of generation gap between us,


When I get so frustrated that everything seems meaningless,

When I get so annoyed that I get off my path,

When I get so dazzled in distress that I forget the sense of right and wrong,


I wonder, what is that element in my heart that keeps me going towards my goals and aims?

What piece of my brain has faith in the future?

What part of my conscience says that you will achieve everything you ever dreamed of?

What drop of my blood heats up at the mere thoughts of success?

What particle of the air brings me good tidings for the things to come ahead?


I believe this is what faith in The Almighty is.


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  1. Burhan permalink

    That remind me to a very wise quote from Ibnu Taimiyah :

    ” Do not depend to much on anyone in this world becouse even your own shadow lea ves
    you when you are in the darkness”

    Almost forget to thank you for following my blog. let spread moslem wisdom to the world.

  2. thanks man, and rightly said!

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