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DNA Analysis -Facial Traits

October 5, 2013


I started this activity when i was 15 years of age, some 5 years ago. I used to stare in a mirror a lot, specifically when I intended to take a shower, I would literally spend 15-20 minutes just standing there, looking myself in the eyes. the weird thing though, was that I never really concentrated on my face. I just used to think about different matters of life, i know its kind of weird but that’s just how it was. A dazzling array of thoughts used to come to my head in a chained form. And after a few minutes of this unfruitful anxiety and the sound of knocking on the bathroom door, i used to wriggle off those thoughts from my head and proceed to the shower. I think it was I 17 when i first started to notice the cuts and curved features of my face.

The forehead, yes the lack of wrinkles and creases on my forehead, symbolizes the calmness in my nature, probably what i got form my father. His straight forehead tells the story of his life as to how he dealt with all the physical and mental complications of life with such calmness and stability. In my short age span of 20 years, i have tried to be as calm as him towards every single problem I have faced, but the tiny contractions at the tip of my thick eyebrows show that i have not succeeded a 100%. As I move my eyes up a bit, the hair line and the hair colour, a brownish sort of colour, only too dark to be black, and a straight patterned hair line, just like my mother, one of her beautiful features she was known for in the family in her young age, and even still.

The time freezes around when I look into the eyes. The colour, brownish green sort of shade, not being the basic reason, but the area around the eyes, yes the dark circles, the big cut mark on the top of the left eye disguised by my spectacles, probably the only mark from my first fight at school when i got struck by a wicket on the face for being extremely aggressive, possibly what i got from my grand dad, and a proud trait of being an Arainn (caste) along with being a Punjabi.

As I move my eyes a little further down, the nose, the funny nose, the only thing my parents and my family tells me to be just like my grand mother’s. A cut mark in the middle of it reminds me of the hobbsian land of childhood where I broke my nose playing with a balloon, and not looking in front of me, all excited and hyper like my elder brother.

The lips, probably telling the story of my life more than anything else on my face. The little burn marks i get when I smoke secretly, being very afraid of my caring parents. And the little curve at the ark of my lips, that cunning little curve,  the smoulder, what I both hate and love at the same time. That cunning little evil smile is what my Jolly eldest paternal uncle also practices.

The south corner of my face, the chin reflects my proudest achievement in my 20 years of how it used to be so big and added a lot of extra meat to my face but now is slick.

For an average person, I’m just another 20 year old with a simple natural normal face, but once you get to know me, once you get to know my family, you’ll get to know how beautifully the nature works and how I am a blend of the traditions, wits, expressions, aggression, calmness and numerous other features possessed by my family.


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