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How to lose calories

October 5, 2013

Ahhhh, calories. We all hate em, don’t we. At the same time cant live without em. There should be a way to control those sobs.

Well i found a way by excessive browsing on the internet and by consulting every single dietitian. And surprisingly so, the way to control your calories is very simple indeed. First of all what you need to do is to calculate your body mass index. Here is a quick link to calculate your BMI (be quick to come back ot this site):

Now i suppose you have calculated you BMI
First of all lets start by defining the BMI, It is basically the amount of calories your body requires to function properly in one day. For instance, if your BMI is 19.5 , the calorie requirement for your body in one day is (19.5 X 100) 1950 calories.

But I suppose that your BMI is above 24 at least. Because the person having a BMI less than 25 is considered to be normal, and above it is considered to be obese.

Now this is where the trick begins, lets say a person has a BMI of 25. Now if he consumes 2500 calories per day, he remains the same body wise. But if he consumes less than 2500 calories per day, the amount of the subtracted calories will be consumed from the body, as the calorie requirement of 2500 has to be met. So if a person consumes 2000 calories instead of 2500 then the amount of calories BURNT by the body to meet the calorie requirement is 500.

Now that this is settled, let us see what amount for calories one should take to speed up the weight loss. The answer to this question is 1200 – 1500. If you consume 1500 calories per day, a 1000 calories are burnt per day. And if you continue this for 4 days approx. a pound from your weight will be reduced.

as 3500 calories = 1 pound.

If you continue this routine for a week, you loose 2 pounds. I know right ! your’e welcome.

But what I would prefer is that you maintain a cardio routine along with the diet. This will speed up the weight loss big time.
At the end, just one thing, never give up, never give in. There will be bad days, you will lose hope, but continue to strive, never back down. Comments are welcomed. You can also contact me for any sort of advise.


go to ‘fatest way to lose weight’


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