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6 ways to avoid Night Thefts

October 8, 2013

The Cat Man


So recently a friend of mine got mugged and he was telling me all about it. I started to think about it, and my wild chain of thoughts led me to think that if a man breaks into my house, what precautions have i taken ? I started to think what precaution could i practically and realistically speaking, take ? My mind got engaged for the whole day and at the end of it, I finally summed up the best ideas i came up with :

1. Electrocute the boundary of the house including the gate.
You may find a few carcasses of birds, dogs, beggars and relatives trying to surprise you at an ungodly hour, in the morning. Well they deserve it anyway.

2. Keep a firearm or a weapon of some sort (dagger is advised) nearby when you sleep.
You may wake up stabbed or may not wake…

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One Comment
  1. Just kill yourself.

    Logic: You are not even available to be robbed if all your defenses fail or the police catch up to your crime and are headed for your place.

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