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The perks of being a cat owner

October 8, 2013


“Ewww get it away from me” , “Oh my god it touched me”. Yes I know how weird it is when some people use these phrases when a cat touches them, not a vermin, but a cat.

Well to be very honest, the ratio of people who hate cats is greater than the ones who love em. Cats suffer hair loss, they sometimes annoy you during your meal, they diturb your sleep sometimes and they eat way too much and at irregular times.

However, only a true cat lover can empathize with me, because I won’t be exaggerating when I say ‘I can’t live without cats’. Some people might gossip that I have a weird thing for cats, but I guess they’re right because there is no other justification for owning 9 cats in house of 6 family members.

If someone would ask me for some precious advice about life, I would just say “learn to love cats”

People have absolutely no idea, how useful cats are in our lives, truly in every matter. Let me enumerate some important aspects as to why one should own a cat:


  • Cats are the best chick magnets

 Although I have never used this feature of owning a cat, neither do I intend to, but none the less it is true to the core. It is against the concept of feminism to dislike cats. In the dictionary of the female gender, there is no such thing as ‘hate cats’. Cats are a symbol of being sensitive, God knows, I’m not that, but truly they are. And sensitive is the synonym for a lady’s man.

  • Your short escape from the world

 Ever held a cat in your hands? If not then you’re missing out. Whenever you’re upset, or angry or just not feeling up to it, what do you do? You take a piece of string, wave it in front of your kitty, first she’s just going to look t it in a funny way, she’s going to move her head exactly along the direction of the string, then she’s going to ignore it on purpose, then suddenly she’s gonna jump up and down and follow the string like she is bound to it. What it feels like, words cannot explain.

  • The Awwwwww factor

 The awwww factor can only be achieved by two ways. Having a cute infant sibling or by owning a fluffy cute kitty. The former is not in your hands (no questions there), but you have full control over the latter. And what is the benefit of the awww factor, well if you don’t know that, then you don’t deserve to even read this post. The aww factor includes certain qualities as being the centre of attention, the topic of every conversation, and your own awww radius etc. To be more particular, the product of the no. of cats and the cuteness of the kitty is directly proportional to your Awww radius.

(No. of cats) × (Cuteness of the cat) (The awww radius)

  • Heart health

 Owning a pet proves to be very good for your heart. Cats in particular lower your stress level, possibly since they don’t require as much effort as dogs, and lower the amount of anxiety in your life. A syudy shows that if a man owns a cat for more than 10 years, he’s 33% less likely to die of a heart attack.


  • A Forever friend

 The people who can benefit from owning a cat most, are the guys who are so busy in their lives that they have no time for a social circle, or maintaining a friendship or frankly who are not socially applicable. Also the senior citizens, yeah they can benefit the most for a cat, as very few people know, are very intelligent and extremely lovable and cuddly. In short you will never ever get bored if you are in the habit of talking to a kitty.

Sigmund Freud said   “Time spent with cats is never wasted

  • Really cool and cute display pictures

 Come on, a picture with a cat, that’s awesome. People love those. Instead of the orthodox greedy likes and comments, people actually adore the picture.


And by the way, their names are: 

bubbles,  orange,  barood,  spots,  nosferatu,  furby,  zippy,  smokey,  squishy


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