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Things Pakistani Mothers say

October 10, 2013



‘Go sit in a corner and think about what you did’, ‘you’re grounded for a week’, ‘as a punishment, you’ll have to do the chores of the house for a month’. Yup, these are the punishments given by parents usually, mothers to be more specific.


Here in Pakistan if you tell anyone about these punishments, they will die of laughter. For one of the perks of being a Pakistani is having a strict mom. Let us define a typical Pakistani mother first. A Pakistani mother is the most caring being on the planet. The only thing she demands in return of all the care, sacrifices, affections and her time is the respect you give to her along with the orthodox child’s love and trust. But she has her own funny way of expressing the care.


For instance if you’re trying to have some rest, and your mum asks for a glass of water, you say “Amma, I’m almost asleep”. Any other mother would say, okay son. But no, a Pakistani mom, she says:


“uthhh kameenaeyaaa, tangein tooti hue hai?”

(get up, you worthless piece of disabled human mass)


Some of the things that Pakistani moms usually say:


  • She traps you by asking, “wo uncle ki beti  dekhi thee, kitnee cute thee” ( did you see how cute your uncle’s daughter was ).  Naturally you say Yes. The reply, devastating, “Tmein larkian dekhnay k ilawa koi kam nae hai? Haya karo thoree´( Do you have any job except watching the girls, have some shame )


  • At an aunt’s place, “Mera larka tou har wat parhta rehta hai” ( The only thing my son does is study ), At home, “Ye facebook shaitaan k ilawa b kch kar lea kar”, ( Don’t you have anything to do except for this devilish facebook? )


  • You call from the market place enquiring if you can buy some pizza for dinner, she replies, “han han mera baccha aik kya 4 lay lo, aur aik kam karo, atay way jo Mercedes pasand ai thee na wo b lay ao” ( yes ofcourse  my son, buy four instead, and do me a favor, on your way back, buy that Mercedes you liked ), the call ends.


  • And if she wants something from the market, she’ll kiss you on the forehead and say. “Jaa mera chaand, ja kar bazaar say 4 kilo piyaaz laa do” ( Go my angel, wont you go to market and get 4 kg onions for your mom ), and upon you insisting that you are working or the market is too far, she simply says, “Acha chalo sirf adha kilo laa do” ( okay okay, just go and get half a kg ), upon your suggesting that the previous situation has not changed about the location of the market or your being busy, she gets way too emotional and says, “Acha choro rehnay do, har kaam tmaree maa say zaada zaroorie hai naa” ( okay, just forget it, every thing is more important than your mother ), and at the end, you are left with no choice.


  • Hey mom, can I get some dinner, “Nae nae ja tu us maa say roti pakwa jis ko roz rat ko hans hans kar message kar raha hota hai” ( Oh no, go ask your that mom for dinner, whom you enjoy texting every night before going to sleep )


  • You joke about something serious and she falls for it for a second or two, she utters, “Mu acha nae hai tou bat he achi kar lea karo” ( Being ugly doesn’t mean you have to talk bad as well)


  • The best reply to you any misbehavior or a forbidden act or of being outspoken or basically anything she doesn’t like, “Tu mar ja”, ( Go Die )


  • Rarely happens, but if you turn up at your house, injured somehow or broken emotionally, she inquires desperately, “hhhaaaayeeeeee kisnay mara meray bacchay ko ?” ( Oh my God, who did this to you, name him, just name him ), you ensure her that you’re alright and the tables turns on you, “Zaroor tumnay he kch kia ho ga” ( Yeah, you would’ve started in anyway )



These are all little humorous facts intended for enjoyment. Another fact what a Pakistani son/daughter experiences is the immense care not possible by any other relation existing. For instance, when sometimes she doesn’t know that you are in her room, she’s praying for your success and health all the time. We need to cherish those moments when our moms give us a hard time, because the intention behind that hard time is never bad.

  1. Sajjad Sajid permalink

    And my mom says when I am ‘busy’ on phone or laptop… “Allah kary tery mobile ty computer noon agg lag jaay…”

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