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When my mother sits with me, while using facebook.

October 16, 2013

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1. When she sees a picture of a girl other than my only sister on facebook, be it an advertisement, a friend suggestion or even an actress.

“Who is she, tell me, who is she? I know it, I just know it, one day you are going to turn up at the gate with a girl and your wedding invitation in your hand”

2. When she sees one of my friends is smoking in his display picture

“Is this danyal? I know its danyal. What is his landline number? do you smoke? are you into drugs? Is there something you want to tell me? you know we all love you.”

3. When she asks me to show her the pictures of a particular family member especially a female one and coincidently of the same age group.

“Okay next, yes very nice, next, next, oh look she looks gorgeous here, next. That’s it? Now tell me, why have you added her on your facebook? I bet you look at her pictures all the time.”

4. When she sees a random picture from my college, particularly in a class room.

First she smiles as I tell her this is my class room and all that sentimental stuff, then she darts this “You’ve got a lot of memories from your college, apparently you only took photographs there. And what kind of a school is this where your teachers taking photographs with you during your class time when you’re not even allowed to take a cellphone in the premises”

5. When she out of no where appears and just keeps sitting quietly with me

She looks and looks and looks and looks and when I stop browsing and look at her she gives me a killer stare and says “I’ve got my eyes on you”

  1. Your mum sounds great! I made my son add me as a friend on Facebook before he went away to Uni… all was fine until my daughter let slip that I stalk every female he is in a picture with! Ah well….

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