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The Day when the fans stopped working

October 18, 2013


Many a times we come across some strange phenomenons, some happenings we can never understand nor explain, for instance when we hear a door opening at night but when we go to check, every door’s locked as you left it or that time when you saw someone go into the kitchen but when you go to enquire, there is no one there. A strange thing happened to me last month, something that I simply can never in my life comprehend.

The day started as always, me waking up late in the latest part of the morning, having the usual for breakfast, Took a shower, sang during the drops of beautifully hot droplets of water fell over me. And then I went to the study. I switched on the lights and then I turned on the switch for the fan. It didn’t work. I thought there might be something wrong. I started my study, then about an hour later, I went to my dad’s room, and tried to switch on the fan, it didn’t work either, I chuckled as I thought what a strange coincidence. Apathetically, I went to my study again only to find out that the fan previously faulty had start to work after all but just as I sat down, it turned off again. 

Annoyed a bit, I went to my dad’s room again and freaked out because the fan was working and as soon as I walked to wards the centre of the room, it stopped. And then I went to every single room of the house finding that every thing was working perfectly except the fans and more strangely, every sort of fan, ceiling, pedestal and bracket. 

Now this time I was really starting to freak out, I kept checking 4 times an hour, every one else at my place was literally mocking me, they thought it was merely an electrical fault but I knew, the power had nothing to do with it because I even tried connecting the fans to the generator and the ups. 

I couldn’t sleep all night, I got up several times to check but all in vain. When I finally slept for a good 3-4 hours then I woke up to find out that the fans had started working, I called up the electrician and he came after the midday, and when I explained the phenomenon, he checked the fuse box and all the fans and he said that nothing was wrong.

For a person reading or hearing this story, I may seem a bit mad, but trust me, it is not as funny as it sounds, in fact I was really horrified.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really
    appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further post thank you once again.

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