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Can you solve the mystery? (Part 1)

October 21, 2013


Based on true events

A girl was friends with a guy in the city of Faisalabad, Pakistan. She was a university student, doing her masters in business administration. The guy was employed in a bank as an accountant, and was earning a good salary. Now the girl had started to feel something in her heart for the guy for quite sometime now and she decided that it was time that she let her feelings out. So one pleasant day she informed the guy of her feelings, but surprisingly for her she was turned down as the guy had his interest elsewhere. But if there’s one thing this girl had, it was consistency. She did not lose hope as she and the guy very close in terms of friendship. On the other hand, the man was not surprised at all as he had suspected this for sometime now and was prepared for this.


This situation continued for a long time, she insisted, he apologized as it could never happen. Fed up of all the insisting, he turned off his cell phone and changed his number. This had an adverse effect. She started calling the phone at his residence, which led to the involvement of his family members. They all got to know what was going on now, they decided to return the favor and inform her family members of the situation so they would at least stop her from creating all this fuss. But the situation got worse as the girl’s mother took the girl’s side and insisted the guy’s family to consider their relationship.


This continued for some time, then one day, frustrated from all the phone calls, the guy’s family along with him went to the girl’s house and strictly forbade them to contact them again, threatening to involve the cops in the matter, ironic because they were about to get involved anyway.



The guy got a phone call from the police station the next morning, informing him that the girl had committed suicide as she shot herself in the temple. They wanted him to come down to the station and give in his statement. Devastated from the news, he went to the police station the same day and found out what had happened. After his family departed from the girl’s house the previous day, the girl still insisted and cried in front of her family. Ultimately the girl’s strict parents kicked her out of the house as she had caused them enough trouble, more than once caught talking to different ill reputed men in the neighborhood, seen by many reputable family friends which caused the overturn of the family’s good reputation and now this incident at the night screaming and crying loudly waking up the whole street. She went to her widowed rich paternal uncle’s residence after the kicking out. And there the next morning had shot herself in the head. He gave them the required statement and left the police station.


He somehow after 2 days felt a bit relieved that the matter had ended and he could finally start fresh. The same day in the evening, a police officer came knocking on this door demanding his arrest. Confused he went to the police station with the officer and found the reason.


The autopsy report:


The gun found at the spot of the SUICIDE belonged to the paternal uncle of the girl, it was empty, and as it showed, there was only a single bullet in it previously which was shot at the girl’s temple. The shot had been fired from more than 15 feet away. The girl’s body had some struggle marks around her wrists but no prints, the gun only had the girl’s prints on it.


The paternal uncle had claimed to see the face of the guy from his window, didn’t remember it distinctly but he said in his sleep he got up for a second or two and saw the face of the guy.

The guy on the other hand did not have a strong alibi as he was sleeping at the time and no one except his mother and sisters could vouch for him and even they were not present in his room.


He had the strongest motive to kill, the parents, although who had kicked her out, were still parents and would be the last ones to be suspected, the angry brother who always had to face embarrassment as his friends and the society made fun of his sister and him or the paternal uncle to whom the gun belonged?


Can you solve the mystery? Who was it? 

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