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Confessions of an innocent teen

November 6, 2013


1. I’m not always playing a game on my cellphone at night.

2. My cellphone doesn’t go to the silent mode by itself.

3. That apple and mint scent coming from my shirts is definitely not fruits.

4. No i never bought that lighter for the torch behind it.

5. When i was 10 years old, mum gave me Rs 50 to give to charity, when the bell rang, it was actually my tutor and i told her it was a beggar and i gave him the money, while i actually kept the money in my pocket and told the tutor that im not feeling well today so i wont be able to study.

6. Whenever a leg piece of chicken is missing from the dinner, mum’s actually right, i always sneak in and take it when she’s done cooking.

7. Whenever some one gets me something expensive from a foreign country, its not by mistake, i actually demand it.

8. My school never asked me to go watch a cricket match and cheer for our college team on their behalf.


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