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20 years of age. Whenever I feel down or sad, i stop feeling down or sad and be awesome instead. Life is awesome, but  certainly not a bed of roses. I don’t have many achievements so far, but one of my proud achievements is going from 105 kg to 80 kg. InshaAllah, going to graduate in Arts soon and then going for law. I’ve been told to be very good at solving problems of all sorts, so any sort of complex problem, you can discuss, I’m your guy. Seriously, anything. In the words of the the great Don Vito Corleone ‘I’ll make them an offer they cant refuse’

usmisami    (facebook)

@usmisami (twitter)

  1. HeartBiz permalink

    Thanks for the like & good luck on your blog

  2. Very good luck with your writings and a big ‘thank you’ for deciding to follow Learning from Dogs, Paul

  3. Tell them at college your literary sense has earned you an award nomination already -the blog of the year 2012 award.
    Just click on the link and follow the rules.
    Congratulations man!

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